Porto Etno is an international festival of world music and gastronomy that has been held in Rijeka since 2017.

The Festival aims to promote multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance through music and gastronomy.

PortoEtno - Glazba

Over the past six years, performers from all over the world have performed at the festival. Some of them are: Božo Vrećo, Amira Medunjanin, Braća Teofilović, Boban Marković, Iva Bittová, Vasil Hadžimanov, Lado Electro, Baba Zula, Dunja Knebl, Acid Arab, Saba Anglana, Karandila Gypsy Brass Orchestra, Denise Dantas, Nina Kraljić, Divanhana, Bandanera Afrobeat, Arakne Group, Maya Kamaty, Ketekalles, N.O.H.A., Tamara Obrovac, etc.

PortoEtno - Gastronomija

In addition to the concert programme, the Porto Etno Festival is known for its special gastronomic and folklore programme presenting the associations of national minorities. Every year over 100 performers and cooks participate in the Festival, and around 2,000 visitors enjoy their programmes.

PortoEtno - Prostor

The Festival takes place in Exportdrvo, a hall with an area of 5,400 square meters. After the renovation in 2020, the hall became the new cultural centre of Rijeka intended for exhibitions, fairs, and musical and stage performances. Ever since Exportdrvo has hosted a wide variety of events.

PortoEtno - Povijest

The Festival is based on the 20 years of tradition of the Etno smotra manifestation, which was held in Rijeka with the aim of presenting the culture of national minorities active in the City and the County. The manifestation was redesigned and renamed to Porto Etno as part of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture. Since 2020 the new festival has been organised by the Croatian Cultural Centre Sušak (HKD).

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