Melting Pot – gastronomic programme

The Porto Etno Festival never comes to Exportdrvo alone – it is accompanied by an extremely popular gastronomic program organised by representatives of minorities active in Rijeka and the County.

On Saturday, 29 June, those of you who are curious about new tastes and flavours will have the opportunity to enjoy numerous national dishes, all spiced up with folklore performances.

Rich flavours will once again take us on a journey to different parts of the world. This year we will visit Trinidad and Tobago, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Madagascar, Macedonia, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia, and Hungary, and we will also enjoy the speciality dishes prepared by Rusyns and Ukrainians, and Primorski Hrvat Association.

Our gastro journey will be enriched with music and stage performances prepared by Community of Serbs Rijeka, Cultural and Art Society SEVDAH, Macedonian Cultural Society Ilinden, Community of the Italians of Rijeka, Alliance of the Montenegrins of Rijeka, National Community of the Bosnians, Association of Slovaks Rijeka, Czech Association Češka Beseda Rijeka, Cultural society of Ruthenians and Ukrainians “Rušnjak” Primorje – Gorski Kota County, Democratic Community of Hungarians – Association of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County, Slovenian Home Association – Cultural and Historical Society Bazovica Rijeka, Association for Heritage Promotion Primorski Hrvat and association Riječke palade (Palade from Rijeka).

The list is not final; our plate is being refilled all the time. While you wait for our Melting Pot gastronomic programme, you can try some of our Porto Etno recipes at home… Click on link> 🍽

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